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Crime Prevention

Distraction Burglaries

Some burglaries take place when the householder is in residence. These are commonly known as distraction burglaries and are committed as the result of a thief pretending to be an 'official' or 'workman' and duping the resident into allowing them entry. Once inside their home, the offender distracts the householder's attention and steals property.

The following tips will help prevent you becoming a victim:

  • When answering your door, use the viewer and put the chain on first
  • If the caller claims to be from a certain company, check that their uniform, vehicle and identity card appears genuine. A typical identity card is credit card sized, made of solid plastic and includes a colour photograph of the official
  • If you are still suspicious, tell the caller that it is not a convenient time to visit and that you will phone to make an appointment
  • Arrange a password with the relevant company or ask that their staff quote your account number when they call, to show they are genuine
  • Do not buy products or services from 'cold callers' claiming to be dealers or workmen
  • Remember, it is your house. Do not be pressured into letting someone in just because they are in a hurry. If in doubt, keep them out!

Going Away on Holiday

  • Remember to cancel milk and papers
  • Be careful who you tell where and when you are going
  • Cut lawns before you go
  • Get a neighbour to keep an eye on your home, pushing your mail through the letterbox, opening and drawing curtains in order to make the house look occupied
  • Make use of the Royal Mail letter and parcel holding service
  • Set domestic alarms and give the police details of the keyholder.