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Lambourn Countryside


Downs - Fiona Lilley

                       Near Down -  August 2017                                                                       Photo provided by Fiona Lilley


4.Jill.C May 2015

                                Lambourn Downs May 2015                                                                  ( Photo  Jill Copperthwaite)


                                                     Faringdon Gallops                                                (Photo   Jill Copperthwaite)


                                                                                                                                                     (Photo  Jill Copperthwaite)

 8.JillC April 2015

                                       April 2015                                                                                             (Photo   Jill Copperthwaite)

7.JillC.June 2015

                           (Photo   Jill Copperthwaite)

6.JillC. June2015

June 2015                                (photo Jill Copperthwaite)


                           (photo Jill Copperthwaite)

3.Jill.C Aug2015

August 2015                                                                      (photo Jill Copperthwaite)

2.Jill.C. August2015

Faringdon Road Gallops   August 2015                                      (Photo Jill Copperthwaite)


1.Jill Copperthwaite

                         (photo Jill Copperthwaite)

Across the Downs-June

Across the Downs  June 2015                               (photo Jill Copperthwaite)

Faringdon Road Gallops 2015

          Early Morning Excercise at Faringdon Road Gallops in February -            Photo Jill Copperthwaite


Bockhampton 1

River at Bockhampton (Neil Robertson)


Bockhampton 2

Bockhampton (Neil Robertson)



Fognam, Upper Lambourn  (Neil Robertson)


Lambourn Downs

Lambourn Downs (Neil Robertson)


Poppies at Upper Lambourn

Poppies at Upper Lambourn (Neil Robertson)


Schooling at Lambourn

Schooling at Lambourn (Neil Robertson)


Upper Lambourn

Upper Lambourn (Neil Robertson)


River at Bockhampton

River Lambourn at Bockhampton  (Neil Robertson)


Upper Lambourn

Upper Lambourn  (Neil Robertson)


Upper Lambourn The Malt Shovel

The Malt Shovel at Upper Lambourn  (Neil Robertson)


Lynch Wood1

Lynch Wood  (Neil Robertson)


Lynch Wood2

Lynch Wood  (Neil Robertson)


Goose Green

Goose Green  (Neil Robertson)




 Lambourn Poppyfield

 Poppies seen from Hungerford Hill - photo by Liz Beard


Frosty Cricket field

 Frosty Cricket Field-2009 - Neil Robertson



Lynch Wood


 Lynch Wood - photo by Neil Robertson


 Lambourn Sheep on downland

 Downland sheep - photo by Christian Noll


 String of horses

  Riding out - photo by Christian Noll



 Gallops along Wantage Road

 Gallops along Wantage Road - photo by Christian Noll


 Open downland looking west

 Open Downland looking West - photo by Christian Noll


 Upp.Lam.Fibresand Training track

  Upper lambourn - Fibresand training Track - photo by Christian Noll


 Daffodils in Lambourn

  Daffodils in Lambourn woods in March 2008 - Photo by Neil Robertson


 Sheep on downland2

Sheep on downland