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Lambourn Valley Dental Practice

                  Lamborn Valley Dental: The Home of Calm & Gentle Dentistry

We are proud to work with our patients to help you achieve your best dazzling smile and improve your dental health.

We offer a large range of services including general dental services and minimally invasive treatments.

We believe in preventative dentistry and offer specialist cosmetic dentistry, NHS treatments and also treatments to suit everyone.

Dr. Fatima Talhi established the Lambourn Valley Dental Practice in 2002 and her commitment to her patients is vitally important to her and the business. Her patients teeth health has been and always will be her primary focus as the business grows and goes from success to success.

Dr Fatima is a big believer in prevention and feels it is always better than any repair treatment. Dentistry is a health & beauty treatment and Dr Fatima wants to work with her patients so they can leave their dazzling smile day after day.

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