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Racing Welfare

Racing Welfare is recognised as Racing's leading welfare charity providing an accessible, responsive and professional occupational welfare service to all of Racing's people including employers, employees and the retired.
Our office in Lambourn is on the High Street.

We support all the unsung heroes who form the backbone of the racing industry. These include not just stud and stable staff, but also gallop men and racecourse staff.

Racing's people face potential dangers whenever they are handling the highlystrung Thoroughbred racehorse. The long hours in adverse weather conditions can bring on premature arthritis and rheumatism as well as early retirement. Now, more than ever, the industry should be taking care of the backroom boys. They don't always bounce back up from a fall. Sometimes, they need help. So why do they do it? Because they love the job and without this commitment the racing industry would not survive.