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Injured Jockeys Fund

The Injured Jockeys Fund provide assistance, financial and pastoral, to over a thousand jockeys (their spouses, or dependants) who have suffered through injury and are unable to ride."

The Fund has responded quickly this year to all cases, where help is required. Individual circumstances tend to be quite different and thus require different levels and types of support. Whatever the need, the IJF will always ensure the closest of care and attention.

Some well-known, and other less well-known jockeys, have been helped in many ways during the past year. This work also includes support for spouses and other dependants, our aim being to alleviate financial problems and, in some sad cases, to restore dignity to the lives of some who have fallen on particularly hard times.
The latest IJF project in Lambourn is the opening of  Oaksey House, a residential home for injured jockeys.