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Historic Photos of Horseracing

Photographers of the past have captured the mood and style of racehorses and racehorse training in Lambourn throughout the years. Here are a few examples:

Tom Rimmel and Colleagues

Updated names: Tom Rimel - ? - Jack Hunter - Bob Attwood - Norman Jones- ? - Harold Vinny('Nutty') - Tom Mooney


Battleship - Gramd National Winner 1938

Lads from Tempelmans Yard

Templeman's Yard at Station Road




Racing Lads

                  ?                     Derby                            ?                    ?                      Jack Hunter     ?


Felstead - Derby winner 1928
Felstead - Derby winner 1828

Captain Bells Yard 1
Captain Bells Yard

Captain Bells Yard 2
Captain Bells Yard

Pat Bracey and Lester Piggott
Pat and Pauline Bracey returning to the village watched by a young Lester Piggott

Pauline Bracey jumping hurdle
Pauline Bracey jumping a hurdle