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News from Parish Council March 8th 2018

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Litter Bins

The following litter bins within Lambourn are cleared by West Berkshire Council.

As part of their budget cuts, from April 1st, these bins will be cleared on a 'demand' basis.

If you notice any of these bins getting full - please report them to West Berkshire on 01635 551111 or

·         3 on the High Street

·         4 on Oxford Street

·         2 on the Broadway

·         2 on Newbury Road

·         1 on Baydon Road near Church Close

·         1 at Close End

·         1 at Seven Barrows

·         1 on Edwards Hill

·         1 on Lambourn Road, Eastbury

·         1 on Malt Shovel Lane

·         1 on Mill Lane

·         1 on Newbury Street

·         1 at Three Post Lane.


We would like to thank our 'Gritter drivers' for keeping Lambourn open during the recent snow. I am sure that you will all agree that it must often seem like a thankless task, but we appreciate all the hours and hard work which goes onto keeping the majority of the roads in Lambourn snow and ice free.


Kind Regards

Karen Wilson

Lambourn Parish Council