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Graham Jones


Graham Jones

Contact details
Cllr Graham Jones
c/o Lambourn Pharmacy, The Broadway, Lambourn. 01488 71464
7 Court Road, Letcombe Regis, Wantage 01235 762744


We are here to represent you:
Both Cllr Gordon Lundie and myself are available to deal with issues as they arise. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding council services and how they affect you. Issues we regularly take up include: planning, roads, refuse collection, housing, fly tipping etc.

I have run the Lambourn Pharmacy since 1992 and was first elected to West Berkshire Council in 1997. In this time I have been Deputy Leader of the Conservative group, Leader of the Conservative Group and since 2005 Leader of the Council. I have also served on the local Primary care trust executive and am presently Vice chairman of the West Berkshire Strategic partnership.

West Berkshire Council
West Berkshire Council was formed in 1998 and is a "Unitary Authority" which has the combined functions of the old Berkshire County Council and Newbury District Council. The authority is responsible for providing a huge range of services: Education, Social services, Roads, Planning, Libraries, Housing, Waste Collection and Disposal, Culture and Leisure, Community Safety, Trading Standards, Public Protection, Licensing and a number of others!
West Berkshire covers over half the area of Berkshire from Lambourn and Hungerford in the west across Newbury and Thatcham in the middle to Purley on Thames, Tilehurst and Mortimer in the East. This covers the whole of the Newbury constituency (Richard Benyon) and parts of Reading West (Martin Salter) and Wokingham (John Redwood).
Further information on how the council runs and who's who can be found on the West Berkshire Council website:

My first role as an elected councillor is firstly to represent the people and interests of the Lambourn Valley. It is the people of the Lambourn Valley who can hire me or fire me every 4 years!

My second role is to help run the overall authority effectively and provide the best possible services within available resources. Approximately two thirds of the councils funding comes from central government, the rest from Council Tax - whilst I am committed to providing the best possible services this has to be balanced with the wish to keep council taxes affordable.

As mentioned above please contact either myself or Gordon Lundie should you need are help.

We are tackling a number of issues both locally and across the council I would appreciate feedback on:

Road Safety:
West Berks Council will be installing the first wave of vehicle activated signs in the district in the next few months. When they are installed what do you think? Do you want more and if so where? What other road safety issues should we be dealing with?

Community Safety
The police have initiated Neibourhood Action Groups (NAGs) to help combat rising crime. Each of these NAGs will be allocated a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to work with existing officers. West Berkshire Council has also set aside funding for a "Warden" service to help combat crime - the wardens are co-funded with parish councils and work with the councils and police. Would you like to see West Berkshire Council and the local parish Council combining resources to help provide a Warden service in the Lambourn Valley?

Over the last 12 months we have put a lot of additional resources into road maintenance (trebling the budget), to sort out our crumbling road network. Whilst we have accelerated road maintenance and believe that overall road quality has markedly improved it will take a number of years before all the network is up to standard in the meantime please let us know of any potholes so they can be dealt with ASAP

Within the next 12 months West Berkshire will be entering a new integrated waste contract (Collection to disposal). With the new contract we will see a big increase in recycling from 22% now to over 40%. There will be less waste going to landfill and more composting. In the meantime we are implementing a number of measures increase recycling. What would you like to see us doing? What concerns you?

Global Warming
West berks council is committed to doing its bit to fight Global warming and recently signed the "Nottingham Agreement" which binds it to taking action against the emission of CO2

Local Housing
We are doing all that we can to ensure that local people can stay in the village they were brought up in. Through a process of developer agreements we are working to ensure that Housing Associations "ringfence" a proportion of a new development for people with local connections.

Local Amenities
What would you like to have in the Lambourn Valley? How would you like to see the Lambourn centre develop? What extra facilities should there be for the young and old? How can transport be improved?