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The Great Flood of 1947

In 1947 the continuous rain soaked the downland chalk through like a sponge which when soaked full drained out the vast volumes of water. Springs emerged where there were none before and soon the High Street and Newbury Street became a great river of water cascading through the village on its way along the valley.

If you have any more information or reminiscences from the 1947 flood please contact us.

Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 1

 1947 Flood in Lambourn: The High Street


 Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 3

1947 Flood in Lambourn: Oxford Street



Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 4

1947 Flood in Lambourn: The Market Square




 Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 2

 1947 Flood in Lambourn: The George under water


 Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 6

 Lambourn Floods - Market Square / Newbury Street



 Lambourn Flood 1947 - Image 5

 Lambourn Floods - Newbury Street