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Lambourn Valley Railway

3.RailwayThe Lambourn Valley Railway line opened on the 2nd of April 1898. It ran from the village of Lambourn to Newbury where it connected with the mainline railway line from Devon to London. Along the 12 miles of line stations or halts were constructed at Lambourn, Eastbury, East Garston, Shefford, Welford Park, Boxford, Stockcross and Bangor, Speen, Newbury West Fields, Newbury.

The Lambourn Valley Railway was an independent company for the first years of operation and in 1905 was merged into the Great Western Railway. The line was subsequently merged into British Railways in 1948 and was finally closed in 1973.

Whilst the railway itself does not exist any more there is still some evidence of its existence in Lambourn and along its original track. Station Road and Station Yard in Lambourn will remain permanent reminders of the days when steam trains would arrive and depart from near the centre of the village.

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Lambourn Railway Station 1959

Lambourn Station - 1959

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Lambourn Station

Lambourn Station


The line can be clearly seen on this map from the 1940's


Lambourn Station

Lambourn Railway

The railway workers

Last Journey Handbill 1973

The handbill above announces the last journey of the Lambourn Valley Railway in 1973

Last Journey - Ticket 1973

A ticket for the last journey of the Lambourn Valley Railway

Lambourn Railway Ticket 1955

A ticket from Lambourn to Eastbury issued in 1955

Although the line has long gone, there is still some evidence of the railway line:

Lambourn Railway 2

The remains of the railway bridge at Eastbury