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Lambourn Audio Guide

Welcome to the audio guide to Lambourn.

This is an experiment with the aim to make the history of the village more accessible to residents and visitors alike. The concept is simple: short audio commentaries, free of charge, which can be accessed by visitors using their mobile phones as they view the building or object.

On or near each place of interest would be a small sign which displays the QR code which, once scanned, leads the visitor straight to the audio recording.

Sign for sites of interest which exist today

 Lych Gate QR Code

Sign for sites of interest which have disappeared

QR Code for Enginnering Works

Here are some sample audio recordings:

Lambourn Place Standing in front of the stone archway which leads from Three Posts Lane to Lambourn Place

The Lych Gate  Standing in front of the Lych gate in the market Square

Both the content and recording quality would be improved for the final versions.

The project is at the very beginning and naturally we would require approval from a number of bodies including the Parish Council as well as the owners of the historic sites prior to proceeding.

Suggested places of interest and volunteer writing the script.

  • The Lych Gate - Christian Noll
  • Lambourn Place - Christian Noll
  • St Michaels and All Angels Church - Beverly Silk
  • The Arsonists Grave - Liz Beard
  • The Old Fire Station - Volunteer needed
  • The Red Lion Pub - Volunteer needed
  • The Market Cross - Volunteer needed
  • The River Lambourn - Volunteer needed
  • The Almshouses - Volunteer needed
  • The Market Square - Volunteer needed
  • The George Public House - Volunteer needed
  • Site of the Tanker Crash - Oxford Street - Volunteer needed
  • Lambourn Engineering Company - Volunteer needed
  • Methodist Chapel - Volunteer needed
  • Wheelwrights Arms - Volunteer needed
  • Lambourn Railway - Where can we put the sign? - Volunteer needed
  • The old Police Station - Volunteer needed
  • The Petrol Station - Volunteer needed
  • The Old Cricket Ground - Volunteer needed

A big THANK YOU to Linda Berkeley who has volunteered to help with the voiceover and recording.

Please email us suggestions for other places of interest to add to the list or to volunteer to research and write a 3 minute (400 word) script for one of the sites:

Liz Beard

Christian Noll