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St Lukes Church

Upper Lambourn

Licence to build a domestic chapel at Upper Lambourn was granted in 1240 to Henry de Bath.  The advowson ( in medieval England, an advowson was regarded as property, and could be bought and sold, as well as bequeathed.  Canon Law, however, by the 12th centrury, decreed that the right to present belonged to the saint the church was dedicated to and that only church courts could rule on cases involving advowsons) belonged to the lords of Upper Lambourn, and came to the Crown with that manor.  In 1503 the King granted it to the Abbot of St. Peter's, Westminster.  It was transferred to the dean and chapter in 1542 and was surrendered to the Crown two years later.  In February 1586-7 Elizabeth granted the chapel, then in ruins, to Edward Wymarke. 

A modern church of St. Luke's, was built at Upper Lambourn in 1868.  Rev Henry Barter insituted July 15th 1862 was sucessful in raising funds necessary to complete the purchase of the Organ at St Michaels and he built the Church of St Luke's which was consecrated by Bishop Wilberforce in 1868.

St Lukes 3

Harvest Festival October 1969


St Lukes, Upper Lambourn

After 100 years as a church St.Luke's is now converted to a Smithy and used

by a local Farrier

St Lukes 2

The old graveyard is still tended and the grass mown.


St Lukes 4

St Luke's converted into a forge and being used by Fred Fox


St Lukes 5

Fred and Joy Fox


St Lukes 6