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Photographs of Lambourn People

If you have any similar photographs for our Family History Page which you would be willing to share, we would be delighted to add them to this page and if you can name anyone on these photos, please contact the site.



Lambourn Church Choir, October 1922

Pinfield - Walters - ? - R.Palmer - H.Bellenger - A.Clarke - H.Penfold - Gullett

J.Nicholls - G.Kett - Wing - J.Blackford - T.Fryer - H.Mildenhall - Patterson - P.Hutchins

                     W.Taylor - H.Jones - S.Holmes - P.Ford - F.Bellenger - L.Ford

                                                             Rev.Bagnell - C.Maberly

                                                                                            J.Pavier - G.Pavier - G.Mildenhall

H.Rodbourne - M.Little - W.Rodbourne - P.Pullin - C.Hutchins

J.Nicholls - Henry (Harry)Taylor - J.Casterton







 Lambourn Royal British Legion Dart's Team.  Date unknown -

                                                                       by kind permission of Brian Stewart






 Wedding Day of Joseph & Gladys Prior.  Woodland St Mary's Church 1930

                                                             By kind permission of Joe Prior






 Lambourn School 1935 approx






 Lambourn School 1932






Lambourn School 1929 Class 2      

(School in the High Street, now the Wine Bar )






 Home Guard, incorporating Lambourn, Faringdon and Wantage.  Taken at Wantage.

Photo supplied by Janet Yuill (Bowsher)






 Home Guard, incorporating Lambourn, Faringdon and Wantage.  Photo taken at Wantage

Photo supplied by Janet Yuill (Bowsher)






 Picture in Market Square dated May 1935
Royal Silver Jubilee  Children's fancy dress parade Lambourn






 Photo from Jan Yuill (Bowsher)      Nellie Keep/Bowsher 2nd Right Middle Row.






 Photo from Jan Yuill (Bowsher)  Maud Froude/Busby b 1894 (far left with ribbons)





              Lambourn Infants School Class II.  1920.  Front row, 4th from right, Gladys Taylor

Further names added:

  Back Row:  Lilly Dike-Pete Wickens-Alf Stacey- Unknown - Frank Silk- Rosie Silk - John Goddard- Unknown - Charles Peters - Unknown - Teddy Holmes - Unknown

Middle Row: Jim Castle - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Flo Dudley- Nancy Hiscock-Phylllis Fisher-Eileen Peters- Unknown - Unknown - Ray Pike

Front Row: Nancy Silk-Charlie Marshall- Unknown -Unknown - Unknown - Tom Nicholls - Gladys Taylor - Dorris Maisey - Unknown - Unknown









Lambourn Infants School Class V. 1920.  Back row of children, 4th from left, Win Taylor

Further names added:

Back Row:Miss Pinford - Millie Dudley-Girlie Gosling-Alice Baker-Winnie Taylor-Mabel Cox-Charlie Buckeridge-Winnie Elkins-Kath Holmes- unknown-unknown-Frances Dixon-Elsie Winter-Ron Rackham
Middle Row: Ted Heath-Ken Sadler-Toby Hunt-Theo Stacey-Howard Stacey-Bill Brown-Jim Nicholls-Arthur Williams-Bill Hiscock-
Reg Pullen-Jim Casterton-Bill Rackham-Oswin Brown-Violet Williams
Bottom Row: Phyllis Dixon-Stan Benson-Jack Pavier-Charlie Woods-Stella Dudley?-George Skeats-Harold Goddard

 Lambourn CE school, Class I. 1920. Front row, 5th from left, Alice Taylor

Further names added:
Back Row: Reg Prater-Bill Dudley-Phil Ford-unknown-Ivan Huzzey?-Wally Taylor-Les White-Harry Jones-Jack Sargeant-Stan Buckeridge- unknown-Ada Miles-Mabel Mildenhall- Mr Fryer
Middle Row: Doris Silk-Edie Skeats-Winnie Castle-Pip Ball-Elsie Saddler-Nora Parvin-Nancy Rolfe-Kate Keep-Ella Tottingham-
Louise Heath-Mildred Buckeridge?-Elsie Andrews
Bottom Row: Joe Maisey-Marge Humpage-Ray Goddard-Evelyn Pike-Alice Taylor-Kath Hawkins-unknown-Vera Miles-Len Dudley-
Pat Radbourne
Lambourn CE School Football team - 1934/35, first winners of Berkshire County Shield, 1935. Back row, left to right: Mr TB Fryer (teacher), R Sopp, A Fisher, K Fisher, Mr AW Clarke (headmaster), W Hunter (supporter).  Middle row, left to right: J Stephenson, Fred Taylor, E (Eddie) Purcell. Front Row, left to right: J (Jack) Turner, S (Syd) Wickens, F (Fred) Dudley, C Jones, A (Arthur) Fisher.
Lambourn Football Team (Possibly called The Linnets) 1910-11.  Back row, left to right: J Dudley, L Attewell, M Church, - Burgess, J Tyler, J Taylor, and unknown.  2nd row, left to right: W Adams, B Tinmouth, unknown, H Bellenger, - Cowley, J Haines, J Bell.  Front row, left to right: F Cook, B Orchard, C Tyler, unknown.
Lambourn Football Club Team 1919-1920. Names presumed to be left to right, but may be right to left! Back row: D Pinfield, H Rodbourn, S Boles, A collins, - Sherman, Unknown, A Wattridge.  Front row: T Harris, G Maisey, J Wicks, J Thatcher, S Radbourn, B Lockey.
Lambourn Reserves - Div 5  - Swindon League
Mr 'Mac' - Pat Bracey-Allen Leatham- Jim Christie- Felix Rodbourn- Ray Moon -Ron Harris - John Penfold -
Jack (Spriggy) Giddings
Len Byrnes  - John Nash - Alf Berry- Peter Stephens - Tony Fairchild
Date Unknown