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Photographs from the the Birkinshaw Collection

Donald Ashley Birkinshaw (1922- 1988) Photographs of Lambourn

Donald Birkinshaw took photographs of English villages including Lambourn, Eastbury East Garston and Great Shefford in 1951.

Lambourn as photographed by Donald Birkinshaw in 1951


East Garston as photographed by Donald Birkinshaw in 1951


Selected pictures of Lambourn from the collection

 Lambourn High Street 1

Lambourn High Street 2

Lambourn High Street 3

Lambourn High Street 4

Lambourn High Street 5

Lambourn Square

Lambourn - Oxford Street 1

Lambourn - Oxford Street 2


Donald Ashley Birkinshaw was born on August 29th 1922 and attended Nottingham High School and Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon. From an early age the countryside, photography and classical music were his hobbies. His photographs were accepted for county magazines as early as 1938. He joined the civil service in 1939 working for the Home office, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture until 1946, the following year he produced his "Ashley Series" of postcards and calendars. He stopped production in about 1953 as purchase tax made his profit margin too small to continue. From 1953 onwards he only took photographs for his own pleasure.

Donald never married, living with his mother on the Hog's back near Farnham Surrey until 1970 when she died, he later moved to Wiltshire, Somerset and Cornwall where he died on June 25th 1988.