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What is happening to our village?

A resident mailed Editor@Lambourn.Info with a heartfelt concern:

I really don't want this to be a moan or rant and I would like to be proactive. How lucky are we to live in Lambourn and be surrounded by this beautiful countryside which is our home.

Lambourn Dog MessWalking my dog today at The Old Cricket Pitch and picking up after my dog and other people's dogs (photo of what I picked up this afternoon) I thought why not help to keep our village clean and tidy? We all know or have children/grandchildren that play here. We can all enjoy this village and why can't we all pull together to make it look pretty.  I am sure some dog walkers have not seen their dog making a mess, but let's tell each other or if you have run out of bags I am sure aother dog walkers will be happy to give you one of their bags.

Even driving into the village it looks tired and a little unloved can we all join together to keep it tidy, clean and loved. Pick up rubbish and put in the bins if others have missed the bins or the wind has blown it around. It only takes a second and could make such a big difference to our home.