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After many months of worry and heart ache after LEXXI went missing from Baydon, believed to have climbed into an Orcado delievery van, he has been FOUND in North Swindon and is being throughly spoilt at home.
Lambourn Website is delighted to report this amazingly good news.

Alison said on Lambourn Community facebook  yesterday, 7th August 2017 "My cat has been missing from Baydon since 12th September 2016, last year when he climbed into an Ocado delivery van on my neighbour's drive.
We've been searching for him ever since. I had a call a couple of hours ago from a vet in north Swindon (over 10 miles away) to say they'd had a stray cat brought in to be scanned for a chip and they've found my Lexxi.
A lovely lady has been feeding him for the last 3 weeks but we have no idea where he was before that. He's lost a lot of his fluffy tail and is covered in matted hair lumps but he's home and purring beside me and I'm SO happy!"

If only we could interview Lexxi to discover his amazing 'journey'!  He would have some stories to tell on survival.  Finding himself in strange souroundings without the home comforts he was used to and surviving winter in Town!  Sadly we will never know! but he is one lucky Cat with a 'mummy' who never gave up searching. 
And shows how important it is to have them 'chipped'


Missing Cat2

Lexxi been missing 6 months now. He climbed into an Ocado delivery van on 12th September and we haven't heard anything since. We've leafleted, put up posters, put him on lots of Facebook lost cat sites, village websites but not a single sighting. Ocado would only tell us that the next village they delivered to was Lambourn but we don't know where it went after that. I miss my fluffy boy every day and would do anything to have him back. He's microchipped so I fervently hope one day he may come home
Lexxi poster3
Missing Cat2
September 20th 2016
We live in Baydon and we've lost our much loved tabby cat. 
We believe he climbed into an Ocado van making a delivery to our neighbours. 
We've had to press Ocado very hard to find out even where the next delivery village was and at last after talking to the head of customer services, we've managed to discover it was Lambourn.
Because of Ocado's procrastination it's now been just over a week since he went missing. 
His name is Lexxi. He's likely to be very timid though and difficult to approach by someone he doesn't know.
Please contact website  (