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Lambourn Dog Show 2016


They're here! The photographs from the 2016 Lambourn Carnival Dog Show are now ready for viewing. We had 5 volunteer photographers from Lambourn Camera Club taking photographs throughout the day, recording as many of the events and their competitors as possible. We hope that you will like the fruits of our labours.

A preview of each photograph has been created and can be viewed using the following link:!AmvUttar-JnJjReSSTpNZfCn3wlu

We are raising funds for equipment to help improve the facilities of the Club, allowing us to help amateur photographers improve their skills and to learn to take better photographs. We are charging 50p per digital copy of each photograph (unfortunately, due to the cost and difficulty involved we are unable to offer hardcopies - we have day jobs as well! :-)

Here's how it works: follow the link to view samples of the photographs. To make viewing quick and easy, we have reduced the size/quality of the sample photographs. The full-size photographs won't have any watermarks on them and are yours to do with as you please.

When you have seen photographs that you like, make a note of the LCC number on the photograph and list them in an email to An invoice for the amount owed will then be sent to you which will include a link to Paypal. Once payment has been received, your requested photographs will be sent to you by email.

If you would prefer to use cash, please write down the photograph numbers and place them in an envelope with the correct money for the number of photographs (50p per photograph) and your email address (WRITTEN CLEARLY, PLEASE) and drop the envelope into the letter box at 22 Millfield, Lambourn RG17 8YQ. The full photographs will then be emailed to you.

We are fairly new at doing this and going forward, we hope to make the process easier and quicker, but would appreciate any constructive feedback that you may have.