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Walking with Dogs

Thank you to Liz who recently moved to the village for inspiring this page. If you have favourite dog walking routes you would like to share please send a description / map to:

The countryside around Lambourn is cris-crossed with public rights of way and walking a dog is a real pleasure as well as good exercise. Please adhere to the Countryside Code at all times taking special note that Lambourn is the home to over 1500 valuable horses as well as a number of shoots who nurture birds in the covers which are often not far from footpaths. Please do not let your dog foul the footpaths.

Here are a few suggested walks which you may like to try.

A short circular walk

Dog Walk 1


Lambourn, White Shute, Copse hill and back via Bockhampton

 Dog Walk 2

Lambourn to Willis farm and back via White Shute

Dog Walk 3


Lambourn to Eastbury with a dog

This walk takes you up and over Thornhill copse well out of the way of traffic. The Plough is a perfect destination!

Lambourn To Eastbury With A Dog