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The White Horse

The White HorseThe 374 foot long White Horse is cut out of the turf on the chalky upper slopes of Uffington Castle near to the Ridgeway.

The Uffington white horse is Britain's oldest and most famous hill figure at 2,000 to 3000 years old. As to the origins and builders of the white horse there are numerous theories, as many as those associated with Stonehenge. A Celtic god or tribal symbol, the dragon slain by St. George, Celtic horse goddess Epona, a religious icon to represent fertility, built to celebrate Alfred's victory over the Danes in 861 AD, horse worship in the Iron Age, created in the seventh century by Hengist in the image of a horse on his standard etc.

The monument became very overgrown in the 19th Century and it has now been restored and is cared for by English Heritage.

The Uffington white horse can be found 11/2 miles due south of Uffington village on the Berkshire downs (although now in Oxfordshire). It is about 15 minutes from Lambourn. It is situated facing NW near the top (at approx. 800 ft) of a very impressive steep escarpment below the Ridgeway long distance footpath, Whitehorse hill and the Saxon hillfort of Uffington Castle and above the Dragon hill.

All Year open 24 hours. There is parking at Woolstone hill which is a short 15 minute, although steep, walk to the White Horse Hill.. Visitors should be aware that can be very windy on top of the hill with no cover if it rains.

Entry to the White Horse monument is free.