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Seven Barrows

Seven Barrows - 1A superb example of a Bronze Age cemetery lies to the North of Lambourn on the road towards the Ridgeway and Kingston Lisle. Although the site is known as Seven Barrows it actually contains 26 barrows of various types.

Seven bowl or bell-barrows and two disc-barrows are on the site lay on the north side of the road in a small nature reserve. You can also see three more in a field just to the north-west of this group. Please note some of the barrows are on private land and that the part accessible to the public is a nature reserve.

The barrows themselves are mounds, generally overgrown with grass, however to the trained eye bell, bowl, double-bell, disc and saucer barrows can all be seen. A long barrow dating from about 3800 BC lies to the NE along a cart-track, although little remains of it.

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Seven Barrows - 2

Seven Barrows - 3