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Cycling and Mountain biking in the Lambourn Valley

Lambourn is ideally-placed for cycling as a leisure activity and also as a means of transport.

Touring and day rides

This part of West Berkshire has a network of quiet lanes and minor roads that making touring and day rides a delight.  Lambourn's central location puts it, literally, on a crossroads of long distance cycle routes and it is possible for the experienced road cyclist to explore Wiltshire, the Test Valley, the Cotswolds and the Chilterns in a day's ride from the village. 


Those with a more leisurely perspective can explore the Lambourn Valley and the quiet backroads around Eastridge and towards Hungerford.


A few people in Lambourn commute by bike to Newbury: it is 13 miles and a very pleasant journey along the valley, through Eastbury, East Garston, Great Shefford and Boxford. Most of the motor traffic uses the (hillier) B4000 so the valley route is reasonably quiet.  Swindon is almost 15 miles and whilst it is downhill on the way in, the return trip would not be...
If you do commute, even if just within the Lambourn Valley, and you are out and about after dark then  you will need good, reliable  lights.  Rural roads are unlit and you owe it to yourself and other road users to be able to see and to be seen.

Mountain biking

Lambourn is surrounded by one the highest densities of byways and bridleways in the UK, including the Ridgeway - possibly the oldest green road in Europe.  These are ideal - and legal - for mountain biking but of course you should avoid damaging the tracks by riding on them after wet weather, and you should avoid skidding at any time.

The 100-plus miles of rights of way on the Downs within 5 miles of Lambourn are a superb offroad resource, but you'll be sharing them with walkers and often with racehorses  - who get priority over you !  It's the presence of the horses and the training industry that keeps the Rights of Way open, and in many cases the tracks are repaired and maintained by trainers. 


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