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Snow 2018

On Thursday 1st March 2018 and on schedule, according to the weather forcast, it started to snow.  Following freezing conditions it was not long before Lambourn saw snow..the 'beast from the East'! and some deep impassable conditions.  Although not quite the snow of the previous years of 1963 etc, it still brought some chaos but in true Village spirit everyone pulled together and helped out when and where necessary and some even enjoyed the first sight of snow.

A few photo's from around the village, kindly shared by James Hughes, Jill Copperthwaite, Jacki Watson, Julia Bennet, Lauren Whitehead and Liz Brunskill.   Many thanks.


Racing yards brave the cold and carry on regardless!

James Hughes 1


James Hughes 3


In the mean time....back on the road....

it comes to a stand still..........


Jakki Watson


James Hughes 4

Wantage Road comes to an abrupt halt as Berkshire becomes Oxfordshire!


James Hughes 5


James Hughes 8


James Hughes 10


James Hughes 12


Jill 1

Sheepdrove Road


Jill 2


Jill 3


Jill 4


and in Upper Lambourn.....


Julia Bennet 2


Julia Bennet


                    in Upper Lambourn...Uplands and Hobb's Lane

Top Of Uplands Hobbs Lane Julia Bennett


and Hungerford Hill....


Caroline Potter4


Caroline Potter 1


and past Henry Candy's....

Past Henry Candys



During the difficult times...

....................great fun was had by Issac's first experience of snow with Daddy....and Mummy!


Jonathan And Issac 1 Website


and off we go............


Isaac 1Website Lauren Whitehead


Isaac 2 Website


mean while....back at the Farm.....lunch time!


Liz Brunskill

Many thanks to all who provided the photos

Liz Beard