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Memorial Christmas Tree 2016

Through the power of Facebook Stephanie Barrett asked if anyone would like to add their personal 'Christmas Baubles' on a Christmas Tree which sits in a corner of the Upper Lambourn Cemetry.  One or two baubles have been put on it in previous years but it was suggested that this idea could be extended. 

After asking the Parish Council for permission a group of people meet at the Cemetery on December 11th.  Fred Jefferies, local window cleaner, kindly took his ladders to place some of the baubles at the top of the tree and also  a large star which Stepanie had purchased.  Over the weeks more baubles were added by people wanting to remember their loved ones.

It was a great sucess and the tree looked beautiful.  I am sure the folks were looking down on their Christmas Tree  (lets hope)  Thank you for organising and making it a success.


In a beautiful blue sky the baubles and decorations shimmered in the December sunshine.


Memorial Christmas Tree1


Memorial Christmas Tree3


Memorial Christmas Tree4


Memorial Christmas Tree5


Memorial Christmas Tree6


Memorial Christmas Tree7


Memorial Christmas Tree2


Memorial Christmas Tree8


Liz Beard

December 2016