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2008 Lambourn Carnival

24 August 2008

After a dull start to the day the sun shone for a spectacular Lambourn Carnival Parade. The Lambourn carnival raises funds for local charities and organisations and this year was once again a great success with a large number of entries which formed a colourful parade as it wound its way through the village on Sunday afternoon.

Thank you once again to Pete and Mary Williams and the Carnival Committee for organising yet another splendid village occasion.


1.Carnival 2008


2.Carnival 2008


3.Carnival 2008


4.Carnival 2008


5.Carnival 2008


6.Carnival 2008


7.Carnival 2008


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20.Carnival 2008

21.Carnival 2008

22.Carnival 2008

23.Carnival 2008

24.Carnival 2008

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30.Carnival 2008

31.Carnival 2008



Class A Decorated Float - Trade

1st Co-op, High Street -  Alice in Wonderland


Class B Decorated Float Club

1st Lambourn Sports Club  - Austin Powers on Tour

2nd Lambourn Royal British Legion -  Inside the Magic Garden

Class C Decorated Float Children & Adult Organisations

1st Churches Together  - Vicar of Dibley


Class D Decorated Float Residents of a Street or Estate

1st Mick Day, Northfields  - Captain Pugwash

2nd Ann-Marie, Katrina & Co, Rockfel Road  -

High School Musical


Class E Decorated Float Private Tableaux (length 12ft or under)

1st Doreen & Sue  - Eco Garden

2nd Kelvin Pottinger -  Postman Pat

3rd Tom, Cate & Sophie  - At the Beach


Class F Decorated Float Private Tableaux (length over 12ft)

1st Liz, Sue & Co  - Kung Fu Panda

2nd Judy Fairchild -  Oarsome Women

3rd Kay, Jane & Gang  - Wild, Wild, West


Class H Decorated Float from Racing Establishment

1st Harry Dunlop Racing  - Star Trek


Class J Best Dressed Walking Entry Children 6-11yrs

1st Charlotte Brown  - Caribbean Queen

2nd Jane Blackburn  - Vampire Queen


Class L Best Dressed Walking Entry Adult

1st David Fowler  - Lambourn Olympian


Class M Best Dressed Walking Entry Group up to 4 Persons

1st Tim Howard  - Wizard of Oz

2nd Hollie, Aimee Marshall  - Abba

3rd Tommy Langfrey  - Power Rangers


Class N Best Dressed Walking Entry Group of 5 or over

1st Nicola Hawkins  - Meals on Wheels

2nd Lesley Dentry  - Old MacDonald had a Farm

3rd C. Fisher  - Lambourn Zoo

Highly Commended

Linda Maynard, Janet Collins  - Robin Hood & his Merry Men


Class O Best Dressed - Manually Propelled

1st Jenny Hopkins  - Gypsies Move On

2nd Colin Lamb  - Pirate of the Caribbean

Joint 3rd A. Jessie  - Jockey & Horse

Joint 3rd N. Morley  - Welcome to the Circus

Joint 3rd K. Evans -  Hawaiian Party


Class P Best Dressed Walking Entry - Pairs

1st Isobel & Theo Loxton  - Dig for Victory



Lambourn Sports Club





Hanging Baskets

1st Mrs C Morgan  - High Street

2nd Mrs N Smailes  - Newbury Street

3rd Mr Dudley  - Newbury Street


Garden Tubs

1st Robert Read  - Tubbs Farm

2nd Mrs A Troop  - Woodbury

3rd Mr Dudley  - Newbury Street


Water Feature

1st Mr & Mrs Dudley  - Newbury Street

2nd Robert Read  - Tubbs Farm

3rd Mrs A Troop  - Woodbury

Note of Thanks:

The Carnival Committee would like to thank the Village for their support for this year's Carnival. It was a great credit to all who entered. It shows that Lambourn does not want to loose their Carnival. Thanks also to the many people who assist in anyway, for without this help the Carnival would not take place.


Pete Williams - Carnival Organiser