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The Royal British Legion




For booking the Hall, call 01488 73474  

Upper Lambourn Rd, Lambourn, Hungerford RG17 8QD























January 2011

2.Poppy evening 2011


1.Poppy Evening 2011 

Jimmy Stagg 40 year bar
Keith Woods 40 year bar
Maureen Woods 20 year badge
Des Barnes 20 year badge
Pam Barnes 20 year badge
Mrs Rimen 20 year badge
Lorraine Annettes 20 year badge
Pamela Bassett 20 year badge
Peter Bassett 20 year badge
Mr Frank Willgress 20 year badge
Ernie Bennett 10 year certificate
Richard Emblin 10 year certificate
Margaret Leahy 10 year certificate
Brian Leahy 10 year certifcate
Mrs Keep 10 year certificate
Mrs Gwen Whelehan 10 year certificate
Betty Dowdeswell 50 year Bar
Lt Col Jon Fleming 5 year Certifcate
Mrs Alison Fleming 5 year certificate
Michael Haydon 5 year certificate
Michael Oliver 5 year certificate
Nigel Jenks 25 year merit badge
Lenny Povey 30 year bar
Mrs Leanda Pritchard 15 year brooch
Mrs Jane Wood 15 year brooch



 Liz Beard