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Lambourn WI and forthcoming programme

                                                          Lambourn WI



Lambourn W.I. meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Memorial Hall, Lambourn, at 7.30pm.  Visitors are always very welcome.

You don't need to be an expert cook, baker or crafty wizard.  The WI is for anyone interested in learning, socialising and contributing to the community.  Although some of us have craft interests and cooking or baking skills, we can assure you that these are definitely not obligatory!


WI Banner

Our Lambourn WI Branch banner, made by a member


As our programme for the current year (included at the end of this entry) indicates, we offer a wide range of very interesting talks. In addition to the regular meetings, we generally go out for lunch at some point, organise a couple of outings each year and sometimes participate in a W.I. holiday.



 Lambourn WI PlateSpinning

Learning to spin a plate can be attempted at any age! 

This picture was taken at our Circus Skills workshop in 2016.


There is also an annual Group Meeting with other W.I. Institutes in the area, and invitations to some of their events. There is always the chance to circulate and make friends at all W.I. get-togethers.

Membership of a large national organisation provides us with the opportunity to attend county events across the Berkshire Federation, as well as national events at Denman College near Abingdon. These can cover anything from learning a craft to a language, joining hands-on cookery classes or going on historical discovery walks around Oxford, for example. We are particularly fortunate to be within a few miles of Denman College, which gives us easy access to the regular Day Schools held there, as well as longer residential courses. We also have the opportunity to take part in national campaigns, such as mental health issues and plastic soup.

One recent recruit has recently said that she would have joined W.I. years ago if she had known how much was on offer!

The annual membership fee is currently £41 and includes copies of the magazine W.I. Life. Non-members are welcome to come along to any meeting of interest to them. They are charged £3 per visit, which includes refreshments. Refer to our current programme below. Come along to one of our meetings, or contact Sue Cocker (President) on or 01488 71357.

Find us on Facebook for reports of recent events and an advert for the next meeting.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you.



Lambourn W.I. programme 2018-2019

13 March 2018

Pearls of Wisdom (Open Meeting)

10 April 2018

Garston Gallopers

 8th May 2018


History of the National Garden Scheme

16 May 2018

Group Meeting  - History minus the boring bits

7 June 2018

Garden outing

12 June 2018

Packing a Suitcase

10 July 2018

SERV (Emergency Rider Volunteers)      

14 August 2018

Tax, Care and Toy Boys

11 September 2018

Microwave - It's all Magic

 9October 2018

The Dollywood Foundation

13 November 2018

The History of Nursery Rhymes

11 December 2018

A Christmas Craft

8 January 2019

Performance of a play "The matter of choice"

12 February 2019