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Background to Lambourn for Lambourn....

Lambourn Trainers AssociationIt started as a website to promote the largest annual public event which takes place in the village each year - the famous Lambourn Open Day. From this the website grew to provide more information, facts, figures and background material including pictures relating to Lambourn and the Lambourn valley.

The website is now set up to serve the community and is non-profit making. Sponsorship is appreciated to cover the hosting expenses and all the content is provided by volunteer effort. From June 2010 Jones Robinson - the leading independent estate agent serving West Berkshire, Oxfordshire and North Hampshire, have kindly sponsored the site.

The site is not set up as a current affairs channel, this is left to the local newspapers and other media. contains information which is generally relevant and topical for a longer period of time than a news bulletin.

The site is edited by a number of volunteers, some taking charge of specific sections with Liz Beard and Christian Noll as overall editors.

The website has had a major overhaul in 2013 resulting with the launch of the new site in January 2014. The content was transferred from the previous site, new content added and a completely new look created. We would welcome suggestions, material or comments from anyone who wants to join in and develop further.

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